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National Transportation Statistics

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    Recently Updated Tables by Topic:

    Physical Extent

    • Estimated U.S. Roadway Lane-Miles by Functional System (1-6, 1-6M)
    • ADA Lift- or Ramp-Equipped Transit Buses (1-8)

    Vehicle, Aircraft, and Vessel Inventory

    • Gasoline Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Sales (1-19)
    • Number and Size of the U.S. Flag Merchant Fleet and Its Share of the World Fleet (1-24)


    • Average Age of Automobiles and Trucks in Operation in the United States (1-26)
    • Condition of U.S. Roadways by Functional System (1-27)

    Travel and Goods Movement

    • Principal Means of Transportation to Work (1-41)

    System Performance

    • Annual Person-Hours of Highway Traffic Delay Per Auto Commuter (1-69)
    • Travel Time Index (1-70)
    • Annual Highway Congestion Cost (1-72)

    Multimodal Safety

    • Injured Persons by Transportation Mode (2-2)

    Highway Safety

    • Motor Vehicle Safety Data (2-17)
    • Motor Vehicle Fatalities, Vehicle-Miles, and Associated Rates by Highway Functional System (2-18)
    • Occupant Fatalities by Vehicle Type and Nonoccupant Fatalities (2-19)
    • Occupant and Nonmotorist Fatalities in Crashes by Number of Vehicles and Alcohol Involvement (2-20)
    • Motorcycle Rider Safety Data (2-22)

    Water Safety

    • U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue Statistics (2-49)

    Transportation and the Economy

    • U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by Major Social Function (3-9)

    Transportation and Consumer Expenditures

    • Sales Price of Transportation Fuel to End-Users (3-11)

    Transportation Energy Intensity and Fuel Efficiency

    • Average Fuel Efficiency of U.S. Light Duty Vehicles (4-23, 4-23M)
    • Energy Intensity of Class I Railroad Freight Service (4-25, 4-25M)
    • Annual Wasted Fuel Due to Congestion (4-28)
    • Annual Wasted Fuel Per Person (4-29)

    Air Pollution

    • Federal Exhaust Emissions Standards for Newly Manufactured Motorcycles (4-38)

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