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Financial Reporting Part 2 – Alphabetical Section

  • Balance Sheet Items  
    • Current Assets 
    • Investments and Special Funds 
    • Operating Property and Equipment 
    • Nonoperating Property and Equipment 
    • Deferred Charges 
    • Current Liabilities 
    • Noncurrent Liabilities 
    • Deferred Credits
    • Stockholders Equity
  • Profit and Loss Items  
    • Transport revenues 
    • Nontransport Revenues 
    • Amortization and Depreciation 
    • Assessments, Taxes, Fees, etc.
    • Insurance, Employee Benefits and Pensions, Injuries, Loss and Damage 
    • Interest and Debt
    • Landing Fees 
    • Materials and Supplies 
    • Outside Services 
    • Payroll and Personnel Expenses
    • Rentals 
    • Miscellaneous 
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