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National Transportation Statistics 7/29/22 Updated

Friday, July 29, 2022

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) today released its monthly update to National Transportation Statistics (NTS), a guide to historical national-level transportation trends.
This month’s updated data tables include     Physical Mileage Extent; Transportation Security Administration’s Airport Screening Checkpoints for Domestic Enplanements; Recreational Boating and Watercraft Safety; Gross Domestic Product Attributed and Contributions to Transportation and the Economy; Passenger Transportation Fares; Freight Revenues; Employment in For-Hire Transportation; and Highway and Water Transport Profiles.

Updated Tables by Topics:

Physical Extent

  • System Mileage Within the United States (1-1)
  • Number of Air Carriers, Railroads, Interstate Motor Carriers, Marine Vessel Operators, and Pipeline Operators (1-2)
  • U.S. Oil and Gas Pipeline Mileage (1-10)

Air Safety

  • Prohibited Items Intercepted at Airport Screening Checkpoints (2-16)

Water Safety

  • Recreational Boating Safety, Alcohol Involvement, and Property Damage Data (2-47)
  • Personal Watercraft Safety Data (2-48)

Transportation and the Economy

  • U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Attributed to For-Hire Transportation Services (3-1), current dollars; (3-2), chained dollars
  • Contributions to U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Selected Industries (3-7), current dollars; (3-8), chained dollars

Transportation and Consumer Expenditures

  • Average Passenger Fares (3-18), current dollars; (3-19), chained dollars

Transportation Revenues, Employment, and Productivity

  • Average Freight Revenue per Ton-Mile (3-21)
  • Employment in For-Hire Transportation and Selected Transportation-Related Industries (3-23)

Model Profiles

Metric Conversion Tables

  • System Kilometers Within the United States (1-1M)