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U.S. Air Transportation System: 2000, 2010, 2013–2015(a)

Number of U.S. Airports
Public use5,3175,1755,1555,145
Private use13,96414,35314,00913,863
TOTAL, airports19,28119,80219,45319,294
Number of U.S. Aircraft
General aviation aircraft217,533223,370199,927204,408
Commercial aircraft7,8267,1856,7336,676
TOTAL, aircraft225,359230,555206,660211,084
Passenger Enplanements (thousands)
Domestic flightsNA629,500645,700663,161
International flights of U.S. carriersNA91,00097,50099,990
TOTAL, passenger enplanementsNA720,500743,200763,151
Passenger Miles (million)
Domestic, revenue passenger-miles (RPM)NA552,900577,900607,772
International on U.S. carriers, RPMNA245,200262,500272,146
TOTAL, air RPMNA798,000840,400879,918
Ton-miles (million)
Domestic, enplaned revenue ton-miles 15,200 12,50012,40012,900
International on U.S. carriers, enplaned revenue ton-miles 41,200 52,50049,50052,300
TOTAL, enplaned revenue ton-miles 56,400 65,00061,90065,200
Airport runway condition
All NPIAS Airports, percent
Good condition73798180
Fair condition22181717
Poor condition5322
Commercial Service Airports, percent
Good condition79828383
Fair condition19161515
Poor condition2222
Average age of aircraft
Majorb airline aircraftNA14.113.313.3
Nationalb airline aircraft NA9.111.610.7
Regional airline aircraftNA28.226.924.8

General aviation includes air taxis. Enplaned revenue ton-miles data reporting changed in 2002, so 2003 is the first year shown here. Aircraft age data were compiled for 2015 rather than 2014. a2015 data only available for average aircraft age. Major carriers have annual operating revenue exceeding $1 billion. National carriers have annual operating revenues between $100 million and $1 billion.


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