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Table 7: Vessel Characteristics (2015)

Vessel CharacteristicsMean(a)Median(a)Minimum(c)Maximum
Passenger capacity (595)(b) 32314905200
Vehicle Capacity (437)(b)2390202
Typical Speed (570)1412143
Vessel Age (603)27250102

(a) The mean is the average value. The median represents the middle most value when all numbers are listed in order. The median is a more accurate measure of the central tendency when a distribution of numbers is slightly skewed.

(b) Does not include vessels that do not carry passengers and or vehicles. Car ferries often do not track or report passenger board­ing counts.

(c) The minimum value of zero for vehicle capacity is due to the reporting a Tug/Barge combination or reporting error.


U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 2016 Na­tional Census of Ferry Operators, available at as of October 2017.