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Pipeline Transportation Establishments and Employment

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The Pipeline Transportation subsector (NAICS 486) includes industries using transmission pipelines to transport products, such as crude oil, natural gas, refined petroleum products, and slurry.  Industry groups are determined based on the products transported (i.e., crude oil, natural gas, and other).  Gas industry data include the storage of natural gas because the storage is usually done by the pipeline establishment and because a pipeline is inherently a network in which all the nodes are interdependent. These data do not include activities classified under the Utilities sector, such as natural gas distribution (NAICS 2212) or water and air distribution and collection (NAICS 2213).


KEY: W = data withheld to avoid disclosure.

1 Values for states not reported individually are included in U.S. totals.


U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, County Business Patterns, available at as of June 2015.