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Automobile Profile

Automobile Profile

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Financial 1960 1970 1980 1990 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
Personal auto expenditures ($ millions)                      
New and used carsa,h R16,600 R26,700 R57,200 119,000 129,500 132,200 133,300 135,600 R142,800 155,600 164,100
Tires, tubes, accessories, and partsh R2,500 R6,100 R17,900 29,900 35,200 36,900 38,700 39,600 R41,500 44,400 46,300
Gasoline and oilh R12,000 R21,900 R86,700 107,300 109,000 113,300 124,200 128,100 R114,800 129,500 165,300
Tollsh R300 R700 R1,100 2,300 3,300 3,400 3,700 4,000 R4000 4,200 4,500
Insurance premiums less claims paidh R2,000 R3,800 R9,400 18,100 27,800 29,700 31,800 36,300 38,000 36,800 37,900
Repair, greasing, washing, parking, storage, rental, and leasingh R5,500 R12,300 R34,000 84,900 110,000 122,200 134,200 146,300 R153,600 163,600 173,400
Auto registration fees i867 i1,668 i2,893 i6,054 i7,423 i7,043 j7,698 j8,163 j8,630 j8,625 j7,607
Driver's license fees i119 i222 i370 i638 i823 i823,325 j893 j865 j917 j904 j745
Totala R39,886 R73,390 R209,563 368,192 423,046 R445,566 474,491 498,928 R504,247 543,629 599,852
Taxi expenditures ($ millions)h R600 R1,200 R1,900 2,600 3,000 3,200 3,500 3,700 4,100 3,800 3,900

Inventory 1960 1970 1980 1990 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
Number of vehicle registrations                      
Passenger car and motorcycle k62,245,422 k92,067,655 k127,294,783 k137,959,958 R,k131,640,024 l132,283,966 l133,599,940 l133,575,077 l135,717,988 l136,584,477 l137,967,488
Other 2-axle 4-tire vehicle ke k14,210,591 k27,875,934 k48,274,555 R,k62,903,589 l65,738,322 l69,133,913 l70,224,082 l71,330,205 l75,356,376 l79,084,979
Motorcycle q574,032 q2,824,098 q5,693,940 q4,259,462 R,q3,756,555 l3,897,191 l3,871,599 l3,826,373 l3,879,450 l4,152,433 l4,346,068
Motor vehicle licensed drivers r87,252,563 r11,1542,787 r145,295,036 r167,015,250 r175,403,465 r176,628,482 m179,539,340 m182,709,204 R,m184,860,969 m187,170,420 m190,625,023
Number of employees                      
Taxicabsn 120,700 106,400 52,500 32,400 30,800 30,700 30,500 30,600 31,200 31,600 32,300
Automotive dealers and service stationsn 1,267,200 1,617,400 1,688,500 2,063,100 2,116,200 2,189,600 2,266,700 2,310,800 2,332,300 2,368,100 2,412,200
Motor vehicles, parts, and suppliesn N N 434,300 456,000 471,400 492,100 502,800 513,000 516,600 523,700 523,300
Auto repair, services, and parkingn N N 570,900 913,700 968,300 1,020,100 1,080,000 1,119,600 1,145,200 1,196,400 1,248,400

Performance 1960 1970 1980 1990 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
Vehicle-miles (millions)                      
Passenger car and motorcycle                      
Rural highway                      
Rural interstate N o62,342 o89,488 o117,519 o114,002 l115,991 l120,323 l121,095 l128,447 l131,956 l136,024
Rural other arterial o233,452 o182,213 o180,857 o211,066 o207,540 l212,063 l217,559 l221,732 l230,435 l232,779 l236,406
Other rural roads o80,171 o179,533 o180,314 o219,325 o196,879 l199,878 l203,147 l212,400 l220,376 l224,478 l226,451
All rural o313,623 R,o424,088 R,o450,659 R,o547,910 R,o518,421 l527,932 l541,029 l555,227 l579,258 l589,213 l598,881
Urban highwayb                      
Urban interstate N o69,369 o124,480 o184,783 o199,588 l205,489 l211,817 l215,525 l222,066 l225,822 l232,270
Other urban N o426,222 o546,671 o685,129 o698,321 l714,670 l726,928 l741,885 l758,536 l764,649 l781,242
All urban o273,389 o495,591 o671,151 o869,912 o897,909 l920,159 l938,745 l957,410 l980,602 l990,471 l1,013,512
Total rural and urban highway o587,012 R,o919,679 R,o1,121,810 R,o1,417,822 R,o1,416,329 l1,448,091 R,l1,479,774 l1,512,637 l1,559,860 l1,579,684 l1,612,393
Other 2-axle 4-tire vehicle                      
Rural highway                      
Rural interstate oe o6,766 o19,952 o46,298 R,o60,849 l63,329 l65,779 l69,030 R,l72,343 l76,190 l79,318
Rural other arterial oe o29,808 o56,137 o87,474 R,o113,595 l118,305 l122,212 l129,890 l132,043 l138,475 l141,247
Other rural roads oe o37,017 o73,471 o94,059 o110,881 l113,838 l119,504 l128,396 l130,420 l136,993 l140,386
All rural oe o73,591 o149,560 o227,831 R,o285,325 l295,472 l307,495 l327,316 l334,806 l351,658 l360,951
Urban highwayc                      
Urban interstate oe o6,252 o23,067 o71,500 R,o105,317 l109,807 l112,908 l116,680 l121,700 l124,399 l128,328
Other urban oe o43,443 o118,308 o275,239 R,o373,991 l384,750 l396,137 l406,743 l411,769 l424,965 l434,739
All urban oe o49,695 o141,375 o346,739 R,o479,308 l494,557 l509,045 l523,423 l533,469 l549,364 l563,067
Total rural and urban highway oe o123,286 o290,935 R,o574,571 R,o764,634 l790,029 l816,540 l850,739 l868,275 l901,022 l924,018
Vehicle-miles (millions)                      
Passenger carsR k587,012 k919,679 k1,121,810 k1,417,823 g,k1,416,329 R,l1,438,294 R,l1,469,854 R,l1,502,556 R,l1,549,577 l1,569,100 l1,601,914
Other 2-axle 4-tire vehicle ke k123,286 k290,935 k574,571 k764,634 l790,029 l816,540 l850,739 l868,275 l901,022 l924,018
Motorcycle kf kf kf kf E,l10,240 l9,797 l9,920 l10,081 l10,283 l10,584 l10,479
Total k587,012 k1,042,965 k1,412,745 k1,992,394 2,180,963 R,l2,238,120 l2,296,314 l2,363,376 l2,428,135 l2,480,706 l2,536,411
Passenger-milesc (millions)                      
Passenger carsR a,k1,145,000 a,k1,754,174 a,k2,024,246 R,k2,140,913 R,g,k2,600,050 R,l2,286,887 R,l2,337,068 R,l2,389,065 R,l2,463,828 l2,494,870 l2,547,044
Other 2-axle 4-tire vehicle ke k225,613 k520,774 R,k896,331 R,k1,012,050 R,l1,256,146 R,l1,298,299 R,l1,352,675 R,l1,380,557 l1,432,625 l1,469,189
Motorcycle kf kf kf kf E,R,l11,264 R,l10,777 R,l10,912 R,l11,089 R,l11,311 l11,642 l11,527
Total k1,145,000 k1,979,787 k2,545,020 R,k3,037,244 R3,612,100 R,l3,553,810 R,l3,646,279 R,l3,752,829 R,l3,855,696 l3,939,137 l4,027,760
Average miles traveled per vehicle                      
Passenger carR R,k9,518 k9,989 k8,813 k10,277 R,g,k10,759 R,l11,203 R,l11,330 R,l11,581 R,l11,754 l11,848 l11,988
Other 2-axle 4-tire vehicle ke k8,676 k10,437 k11,902 R,k12,156 l12,018 R,l11,811 l12,115 l12,173 l11,957 l11,684
Motorcycle kf kf kf kf E,l2,726 l2,514 l2,562 l2,635 l2,651 l2,549 l2,411
Fuel consumed (million gallons)                      
Passenger carsR k41,171 k67,879 k70,186 k69,759 R,g,k68,079 R,l68,072 R,l69,221 R,l69,892 R,l71,695 l73,283 l72,916
Other 2-axle 4-tire vehicle ke k12,313 k23,796 k35,611 R,k44,112 l45,605 l47,354 R,l49,388 l50,462 l52,859 l52,832
Motorcycle kf kf kf kf E,l205 l196 l198 l202 R,l206 l212 l210
Average fuel consumption per vehicle (gallons)                      
Passenger carsR k668 k737 k551 k506 R,g,k517 R,l530 R,l534 R,l539 R,l544 l553 l546
Other 2-axle 4-tire vehicle ke k866 k854 k738 R,k701 l694 l685 l703 l707 l701 l668
Motorcycle kf kf kf kf E,l55 l50 l51 l53 l53 l51 l48
Average miles traveled per gallon of fuel consumed                      
Passenger carsR k14.3 k13.5 k16 k20.3 R,g,k20.8 R,l21.1 R,l21.2 R,l21.5 R,l21.6 l21.4 l22
Other 2-axle 4-tire vehicle ke k10 k12.2 k16.1 R,k17.3 l17.3 R,l17.2 l17.2 R,l17.2 l17 l17.5
Motorcycle kf kf kf kf E,l50.0 l50 l50 l50 l50 l50 l50

Safety 1960 1970 1980 1990 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
Number of occupants and nonoccupant fatalities                      
Passenger carp N N 27,449 24,092 21,997 22,423 22,505 22,199 p21,194 p20,862 p20,492
Motorcyclep 790 2,280 5,144 3,244 2,320 2,227 2,161 2,116 p2,294 p2,483 p2,862
Bicycled,p 490 760 965 859 802 833 765 814 p760 p754 p690
Pedestriand,p 7,210 8,950 8,070 6,482 5,489 5,584 5,449 5,321 p5,228 p4,939 p4,739
Occupant fatality rates                      
Per 100 million vehicle-miles                      
Passenger carp 4.7 3.8 2.5 1.7 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 p1.4 p1.3 p1.3
Motorcyclep N 76.5 50.4 33.9 22.7 22.7 21.8 21.0 p22.3 p23.5 p27.3
Per 10,000 registered vehicles                      
Passenger carp 5.1 3.9 2.6 1.8 R1.8 R1.8 R1.8 1.8 p1.7 p1.6 p1.6
Motorcyclep 13.8 8.1 9.0 7.6 6.2 5.7 5.6 5.5 p5.9 p6 p6.6
Vehicle involvement rate (fatal crashes)                      
Per 100 million vehicle-miles                      
Passenger carp N 5.6 3.5 2.4 2.1 2.1 2.0 2.0 p1.9 p1.8 p1.7
Motorcyclep N 22.9 50.9 34.3 22.8 23.1 21.9 21.4 p22.7 p23.8 p28.1
Per 10,000 registered vehicles                      
Passenger carp N 5.6 3.7 2.8 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.4 p2.3 p2.2 p2.2
Motorcyclep N 8.2 9.1 7.7 6.2 5.8 5.6 5.6 p6 p6.1 p6.8

KEY: E = estimate; N = data do not exist; R = revised.


a Figures obtained by addition/subtraction and may not appear directly in data source.

b Urban consists of travel on all roads and streets in urban places of 5,000 or greater population.

c In July 1997, the USDOT, Federal Highway Administration published revised passenger-miles data for the highway modes for many years. The major change reflected the reassignment of some vehicles from the passenger car category to the other 2-axle 4-tire vehicle category.

d Involvement only with motor vehicle.

e Included in single-unit 2-axle 6-tire or more truck category.

f Included in passenger cars.

g Includes motorcycle data.

SOURCES: Unless otherwise noted, refer to chapter tables for sources.

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